You are at the web site of Unit 203 of the American Contract Bridge League, the Southern Michigan Bridge Association (SOMBA). Welcome. SOMBA supervises and works to promote bridge in southeastern Michigan.  SOMBA hosts several tournaments each year, including the Valentine Sectional in February, the Wolverine Regional in May, the Apple Cider Sectional in November and the Spooktakular 0-199er Sectional in October.  The unit also produces The SOMBA Echo, a newsletter keeping its members informed of current events and milestones in the area along with articles on bridge bidding and play. SOMBA, in conjunction with The Michigan Bridge Association (Unit 137) also produces a Bridge Directory listing the members of each unit and the active bridge clubs in the area.


Partnership Chairs Posh Gulati and Mary Bennett
Springtacular Sectional

Cross of Christ Lutheran
Bloomfield Hills
April 26th to 27th

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Wolverine Regional

Costick Center, 
Farmington Hills
May 13th to 18th

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Learn Bridge in a Day
Preregistration Required
June 9th

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Summer 2013 NABC
August 1st to 11th 

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Keeping You Informed

Sunday, February 10, 2013 Update

SOMBA 2012 Mini-McKinney and Ace of Clubs Race Winners

Itís all over but the shouting. Hip hip hooray for the winners of SOMBAís 2012 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs races. Each year our SOMBA members compete to accumulate the most points for their rank in club games (Ace of Clubs) and in all games at clubs and tournaments (Mini-McKenney). 

Here are the Ace of Clubs winners for each rank:

Rank Player Points
0-5 Deepak Dighe 48.85
5-20 Thom Allen 54.86
20-50 Manus Nemeth 43.63
50-100 Robert Langtry 62.65
100-200 Fred Goodell 74.23
200-300 Larry Lewis 78.65
300-500 Charles Schiff 120.33
500-1000 Satish Shah 110.40
1000-2500 Robert Raf 150.22
2500-5000 Debra Eaves 245.49
5000-7500 Jack Shartsis 137.95
7500-10,000 Henry Shevitz 23.25
10,000+ Michael Crane 58.86

Here are the Mini-McKenney winners for each rank:
Rank Player Points
0-5 Deepak Dighe 103.59
5-20 Thom Allen 114.91
20-50 Joan Wentz 84.59
50-100 Rosemary Sharland 71.87
100-200 Lakshmi Vora 170.48
200-300 Larry Lewis 133.08
300-500 Charles Schiff 185.97
500-1000 Michael McDonald 249.85
1000-2500 Robert Raf 332.66
2500-5000 Debra Eaves 484.53
5000-7500 Robert Cappelli 811.54
7500-10,000 Henry Shevitz 224.36
10,000+ Michael Crane 283.47

Valentine Sectional Coming February 14th to February 17th

Each year SOMBA sponsors two open Sectional tournaments and one open Regional tournament. SOMBA also sponsors the 299er Spooktacular Sectional and this year will be adding a 299er Springtacular Sectional. The first of these five events will take place at the Costick Activity Center in Farmington Hills running from Thursday, February 14th to Sunday, February 17th. The Valentine event will include four Swiss Team events. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will feature 5x5 Swiss Team events and on Sunday there will be the usual 7x7 Swiss Team event. The Sectional will also have Open Pairs events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As usual, every day will have games restricted to our 299er players for those who prefer them. SOMBA is delighted that one of our star players, directors, and teachers, Michael Crane, will lecture on Sunday morning prior to the Swiss Team event. He will be speaking on the topic Card Combinations and how to Play
Them Correctly.. His lecture will include the use of flash cards. Get there early on Sunday to learn about this important subject. Those who are looking for partners for any event in the tournament should contact partnership chair Mary Bennett whose email address and phone number are listed on the tournament flyer. The flyer for the Valentine Sectional can be accessed by clicking here.

Spring Nationals in St. Louis March 14th to March 24th

Every year the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sponsors three championship bridge events known as the North American Bridge Championships (NABC). They are each eleven days long and are held in March, July and the end of November to early December. Although they each include many championship events they also include numerous events of interest to the enthusiastic general bridge playing public such as open pairs, Swiss Teams and Knockout Teams. There are also many events limited to our 299er players. This year the Spring Nationals will be held in St. Louis from March 14th to March 24th. There will be plenty of excitement there for all of our members. Many of our players, those who are competitive at high levels and those who just want to experience high-level play will want to enter such events as the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs, the Lebhar IMP Pairs, the Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs, the Rockwell Mixed Pairs, the Silodor Pairs, the Whitehead Womenís Pairs, the Jacoby Swiss Teams, the Machlin Womenís Swiss Teams, and the granddaddy of them all, and the toughest, the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams. For more information on the Spring Nationals you can access the eventís website by clicking here.


Dates for SOMBA Wolverine Regional Announced

President Posh Gulati has announced that the dates for this yearís Wolverine Regional are May 13th to 18th. The event will take place at the William Costick Activity Center in Farmington Hills. Please note that the Regional begins after Mothers Day. More details and a brochure will be available soon.

SOMBA to Host Learn Bridge in a Day (LBIAD) Workshop

SOMBA, in conjunction with the ACBL, is sponsoring a Learn Bridge in a Day Workshop to be held at the Bridge Connection in Southfield on Sunday, March 3rd from 12:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon. The workshop is oriented toward people who have never played but have an interest to learn the game, people who have taken lessons but have never found the time to play, and people who play but have not done so in many years. The contact people for registering for this workshop are Bill Landrum and Jane Hall whose phone numbers and email addresses are on the flyer. There is a cost of $10.00.

The flyer can be accessed by clicking here. SOMBA paid for an ad for this workshop which ran in the Life Section of the Detroit Free Press on February 10th.. SOMBA is looking for volunteers to post the flyer at clubs, grocery stores, churches and synagogues, health clubs and other places. If you are willing to help post the flyer please contact Mary Smith or Satish Shah.

Jim Reed and many others on his committee have worked tirelessly to bring this workshop to our area.

SOMBA Announces New Positions

SOMBA held a lengthy and very productive board meeting on January 13th. The minutes of the meeting will be posted soon. Scott Miller was elected Vice President of SOMBA. Scott has been working for years as a dedicated volunteer and he will add his savviness to SOMBAís operations. Betty Andersen will be North American Pairs and Grand National Teams chair. Carol Diebold will be Hospitality chair. Dave Fletcher will be co-chairing the Membership committee with Mary Bennett.

Springtacular is in the Air

SOMBA has added another great event to its program for 299ers. This year SOMBA will present its first Springtacular for 299er players. The event will take place the last weekend of April. A flyer and more information with the date and place will be available soon. 

SOMBA's Club Appreciation Programs

One of SOMBAís missions is to promote bridge in Southeastern Michigan. In the past SOMBA has done this by such things as buying bidding boxes and loaning them to clubs, and by reimbursing NAP fees to clubs. Over the next three years SOMBAís focus will be to address the declining interest in bridge by spending time, effort and money to recruit new players who will hopefully become regular players at our many bridge clubs. One of SOMBAís initial efforts in this effort is by sponsoring the Learn Bridge in a Day Workshop taking place in March. Look for many additional efforts to take place in the future. SOMBA would appreciate hearing your idea and suggestions. You can do so by clicking on the [Contact Us] button at the top of this page.

Al Tushman (MichiganAl@Yahoo.com)

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