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Posh, right, and Farmington Hills Mayor Barry Brickner
Summer 2012 NABC
July 12th to July 22nd

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MBA Detroit District Sectional
June 21st to June 24th

Knights of Columbus Hall, Livonia

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2012 Lansing Regional
August 13th to August 19th

Ramada Hotel and Conference Center, Lansing

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Keeping You Informed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wolverine Regional, 2012  

The 50th anniversary of SOMBA was celebrated at the 2012 Wolverine Regional.  It was an enormous success.  The playing area was festively decorated.  There was a registration table with free gifts, daily prizes given out, a wandering professional photographer who took oodles of pictures, a Daily Bulletin, and lots of goodies to eat.  And almost 6,000 masterpoints were awarded to over 700 different individuals.  This beat the year before even though the tournament was truncated by one day because of the Mothers Day holiday.  The Mayor of Farmington Hills, Barry Brickner, was on hand and delivered a tribute to SOMBA on the last day of the tournament in addition to helping pass out the trophies earned by our players during the previous year.  A fabulous time was had by all.  Numerous volunteers helped to make the event the success it was including the chairs, co-chairs, hospitality team, goodwill team, tournament managers, bulletin contributors, partnership desk team, novice desk team, lecturers, registration team and the website team.  Posh wanted to especially mention Marilyn Lindow for her untiring devotion to making the event a success, and to our professionals, Jessica O’Donnell for the wonderful photographs, and to Ed Anthony for the terrific Daily Bulletins.  

Marilyn Lindow Ed Anthony

Top Masterpoint Winners

The top eleven overall masterpoint winners in the 2012 Wolverine Regional were:

  1. Larry Mori, 87.24
  2. Bob Webber, 84.97  
  3. Joe Chiesa, 81.79  
  4. Leonard Melander, 80.20  
  5. Michael Crane, 77.66

The top five winners, all on the Larry Mori Team.  Seated: Bob Webber and “Doc” Melander.  Standing: Mike Crane, Larry Mori and Joe Chiesa.  

  6. Bill Arlinghaus, 72.59  
  7. Robert Brent, 71.71  
  8. Jacob Morgan, 71.71  
  9. James Melville, 71.71  
10. Robert Bitterman, 57.58  
11. Bob Cappelli , 57.58

The top ten SOMBA masterpoint winners were:

  1. Michael Crane, 77.66  

First place finisher, Mike Crane, left, with Jim Perna.  

  2. Bob Cappelli , 57.58

Second place finisher, Bob Cappelli, right, with Jim Perna.  

  3. Michael Alioto, 50.14  
  4. Henry Shevitz, 45.12  
  5. Beverly Gardner, 41.80  
  6. Mike McDonald, 38.71  
  7. John Buchheister, 31.25  
  8. Robert Raf, 29.84  
  9. Bob Rasmussen, 24.96  
10. Steve Jacob, 24.68  

Congratulations to all the top finishers!


Obtaining Tournament Photos

Over 400 photos from the Wolverine Regional have been posted on our new Photo Albums page.  Please enjoy browsing through them.  If you find some you like, you can copy them to your computer by right clicking on the photo you like and then selecting  “Save Picture As” and saving it to your computer.  If you would like to order a high quality print of a particular photo, you will first need Bill Landrum to email you the high quality image so you can order a print from wherever you purchase prints.  First, identify the photo you want Bill to email you by placing the cursor of your mouse over the photo.  The photo number will appear somewhere (normally at the bottom) on the page.  It will be a four digit number ending with .jpg.  Email Bill at Bill_Landrum@ugaalum.uga.edu and he will be happy to email you whatever photos you would like.  Please keep in mind that these photos have lots of bytes and each one will take a while to transmit to you.  

Good Will Award to Mary Ross

The 2012 SOMBA Goodwill Award was awarded to Mary Ross.  Mary started playing duplicate bridge about eight years ago and was a regular club and tournament player until her bridge playing became somewhat limited after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over six years ago.  Mary passed away in April, just before the Wolverine Regional.  The Award was presented to her husband, Seymour Ross, and her son, Dr. Sanford Ross, at a special ceremony at Dave and Judy Buskirk’s game at the Unitarian Church on May 23rd.

Mary Ross

Presentation by President Posh Gulati

Even after starting regular treatments, Mary continued playing bridge, at least three times per week, until just a few weeks prior to her death.  Mary set an example at the bridge table by her constant pleasantness with all players and her great rapport with her regular partners, Vickie Vallone, Pam Brininger, Jerry Kroot, Marilyn Lindow, and Walter Peters.  There was never a harsh word.  In his presentation, Posh related how Mary was always willing and available to help out at tournaments and assist in any way she could.  Mary felt that playing bridge frequently was great medicine for her illness as for over three hours per day her mind was completely devoted to the cards and the bridge game gave her a temporary respite from thinking about her battle with cancer. Mary was a magnificent example of service to SOMBA and how a bridge player should treat other players.  

Passing of Rob Boughton  

One of our newest directors and regular tournament players, Rob Boughton, passed away suddenly on May 19th.  Rob was certainly one of the most pleasant bridge players around and seemed to be able to bring a smile to everyone he encountered.  Rob was not only a big guy but a true gentle man. 

Rob Boughton

Rob was well on the way to becoming a top-notch bridge player and already an excellent club director.  He will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have known him.  

Growing the SOMBA Web Site  

This web site is a great way for our SOMBA members to stay in the know.  We would like to develop the site to make it even more informative and to give you the information you would like to see.  But we need to hear from you.  Please click on the [Contact Us] button at the top of the page to let us know what you would like to see here and how we can improve this site.  We would also be happy to consider for posting any articles you would like to contribute.  Please bookmark this site or add us to your favorites list so that you can easily access the SOMBA website.  

Al Tushman (MichiganAl@Yahoo.com)

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