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Motor City Regional
October 8th to 14th
Costick Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Spooktacular Sectional
October 26th to 27th
Birmington Unitarian Church
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Apple Cider Sectional
November 15th to 18th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI
Entry Fee per person per Session: $11 for 0-300 and $12 for all others Saturday and Sunday play-through Swiss $29 (includes light lunch)

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Valentine Sectional
February 7th to 10th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Keeping You Informed

                          Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

November December
Robert Chapman Tom Christie
Gail White Jim Jackson
James Yi Kurt Odmark
Bill Price
Michael Weidl

       Congrats to the 2018 Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Winners As of 1/06/19

       Ace of Clubs    Mini-McKenney

0 - 5            John Caldwell   Yu Chen
5 - 20          Mike Roeder          Mike Roeder
20 - 50        Alan Hassoun    Alan Hassoun
50 - 100      Frank Burns   Diane Kosuda
100 - 200    Song Lin                Song Lin
200 - 300    John Piljan             John Piljan
300 - 500    Norman Wechsler  Lisa Karam
500 - 1000  Larry Cohen           Larry Cohen
1000 - 1500Charles Schiff         Lakshmi Vora
1500 - 2500Robert Mandelson  Bob Rasmussen
2500 - 3500Robert Raf   Robert Raf
3500 - 5000Georgene Cronin    Georgene Cronin
5000 - 7500         Jerrold Grossman   Jerry Grossman
7500 - 10,000      Samir Zeine            Samir Zeine
Over 10,000        Michael Crane        Michael Crane

                SOMBA Educational Seminar


The new year will start off right with another Somba Education Seminar! Larry Cohenís DVD on Defense will reinforce your skills.

These events are becoming increasingly popular, so please register early. We will meet again at Birmingham Unitarian Church on JANUARY 27th @ 4:00pm.

This event is free, pizza & pop are included...how can you miss???

These events are designed for everyone, not just newcomers!
Register by responding to this email or call Vickie at 586-944-4218.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Your Somba Education Committee

Dave Dursum
Diane Kosuda
Lakshmi Vora
Satish Shah
Vickie Vallone (1/2)

                              Masterpoint Achievements

November Achievements December Achievements
Junior Master Nora Hamill Junior Master Garrick Hu
Junior Master Nancy Leibler Club Master Barbara Bruno
Junior Master David Satwicz Club Master Judy Joyce
Junior Master Janet Torok Club Master Anne Marsh
Club Master Janet Hotchkiss Club Master Betty Singer
Club Master Kenneth Korotkin Sectional Master Jaime Myers
Club Master David Mitchell Regional Master Barbara Haber
Club Master Charles Raeder Regional Master Mary Rumble
Regional Master Alan Hassoun Regional Master Gangadhar Vaishampayan
Regional Master Claudia Snyder Silver Life Master Steven Kaplan
Regional Master Chun Zhou Silver Life Master E. Pujdowski
NABC Master John Grant
NABC Master Jean Hellekjaer
NABC Master Leba Raubort
NABC Master Charlene Spitza
Life Master Linda Lutze
Life Master Samir Zeine
Ruby Life Master Richard Peacock


1.   Always count your cards BEFORE looking at them.   If you don't and have an incorrect number, you may face a penalty.

2.   You may ONLY tell your Partner if the last trick is facing the wrong direction.   Calling attention or correcting any other trick is strictly PROHIBITED.

3.   DO NOT call the director on yourself, even if you realized you revoked or any other reason.   Itís up to the opponents to catch it.

4.   Any player except Dummy must call the Director when law infractions, hesitations, rude behavior, or problems of any kind occur.   Dummy may, however, call a director after the hand has been played out.

5.   After a board has been played, you may not, without permission, remove someone's hand to look at it.   If you have received permission, only one hand at a time may be out of the board.

6.   If declarer designates a suit, but not the rank, he is deemed to have called for the lowest card of the suit indicated.

7.   If declarer designates a rank but not a suit, he is deemed to be continuing the suit in which dummy won the last trick.

8.   Do not ask for information unless it is your turn to bid or play.

9.   A player may not refer to his/her convention card during the auction or play.

10. The opening lead should be made face down until it is accepted by partner.   This prevents irregularities such as leading when it is not your turn.   It also enables your partner to ask any questions about the auction or alerts that have been made.


Submitted By: Dave Fletcher - SOMBA Election Chairman

The 2018 SOMBA board of directors election ballots have been collected and tabulated and the results are as follows:

Returning members to the board are:
Lori Briscoe
Deepak Dighe
Posh Gulati
Naresh Kapila
Satish Shah
Kathy Twomey

Two new members joining the board are:
George Christian
John Piljan

The board would like to congratulate everyone as well as thank them for their commitment to our bridge community. Also many thanks and appreciation to our outgoing members -
Jerry Hasenjager and Lynn Root! (11/18)