You are at the web site of the Southern Michigan Bridge Association (SOMBA), Unit 203 of the American Contract Bridge League.  SOMBA along with MBA supervises and works to promote bridge in southeastern Michigan.  SOMBA hosts several tournaments each year, including the Valentine Sectional in February, the Wolverine Regional in May, the Apple Cider Sectional in November and the Spooktacular 0-299 Sectional in October.  Please visit this site often to keep you informed of current events and milestones in the area along with articles on bridge bidding and play.  This web site also gives you information on all SOMBA clubs, games and results.   In conjunction with The Michigan Bridge Association (Unit 137) you can look up member information using the Directory above.

Russell Roosen Sectional
August 23rd to 26th
Bridge Connection
 Southfield, MI

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Motor City Regional
October 8th to 14th
Costick Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Spooktacular Sectional
October 26th to 27th
Birmington Unitarian Church
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Apple Cider Sectional
November 15th to 18th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Keeping You Informed

                                    Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

July August
Maria Feldman Daniel Dmitruk
Ty Hill Irene Drakos
Garrick Hu Meryl Hirschland
Ann Katz Ella Modell
Wendy Kelly Carol Ordona
Alan Kristall Anna Pearcy
Aidan Lack Arvin Sab
Francisco Rosas Naveen Sab
Heard Slade
John Tomlinson
Marygrace York

                                                Masterpoint Achievements

July Achievements August Achievements
Junior Master Yu Chen Junior Master Char Goonewardena
Junior Master Roslyn Garber Junior Master Feng Luan
Club Master Nancy Keuffel Junior Master Donald Muenk
Sectional Master Andy Cobb Junior Master Nancy Smith
Sectional Master Robert Nowikowski Club Master Sherry Cohen
Sectional Master Linda Whelan Club Master Jane Stewart
Sectional Master Chun Zhou Sectional Master Joanne Carson
Regional Master Roma Anderson Sectional Master Corliss Gillman
Regional Master Peter Cartwright Sectional Master Mike Roeder
NABC Master Tengyun Cao Sectional Master Richard Verhelle
NABC Master Song Lin Ruby Life Master Jack Paulus
NABC Master Xiaoping Wu
Advanced NABC Master Samir Zeine
Bronze Life Master John Borden


My Journey to Emerald Life Master

by Debra Eaves

I never thought I would make Emerald Life Master so quickly.   I guess I owe it to the great partnership I had with Norm Bolton. He was a terrific player and a great mentor.   As you know, he sadly passed away 2 years ago.   He will be greatly missed.   We discussed every hand of every game six times a week for ten years!   We solved our differences, improve what had gone wrong and enjoyed our successes.   A good partnership is everything.   Bridge can be enjoyed on so many different levels but, the road to success is a strong partnership with excellent communication.

We won many regional, sectional & club games but our finest achievement was entering the Worldwide Pairs event where we placed 1st in the US & 4th in the World.   Since his passing, I've developed new partnerships.   One with Jerry Grossman.   We placed 11th in the Mixed pairs in Reno and Linda Perlman and I were 2nd in the Women's pairs in Toronto last summer, just one trick out of first place.   Heartbreak!   Still, there will always be another tournament and another chance.

Other opportunities have presented themselves of late.   The Bridge Connection found themselves in need of a director so I took the test and direct for them when I can.   I also have my own club in Ann Arbor called Bridge on the Park that meets Wednesday afternoons.   When not playing bridge or directing, I give private lessons.

I'm currently discussing starting up a new game in Ann Arbor on Saturday's as a teaching experience.   Perhaps a Barometer Game.   It's still in discussion stage though.   I really enjoy teaching and giving back to the game.   This is such a wonderful game.   It's heartwarming to watch someone really understand a new idea and enjoy the game as much as I do.

Outside of bridge, I am the Data Systems Manager for a Sexual & Domestic Abuse non-profit organization called Turning Point and have a husband and dog to look after as well.

SOMBA Board Election

This fall, SOMBA will be conducting elections for board members.   Ballots will be distributed in early October and final voting and results will occur at the November Apple Cider Sectional

If you would be interested in joining the team, please approach any board member.   The ballot will be open until late September.   Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Dave Fletcher
Election Chair
586-786-0811   HDFLETCH@AOL.COM

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