SOMBA Board Meeting Minutes 4/26/2016

Attendees: All Board Members except Bill Landrum.

Invitees - Richard Temkin (MBA) and Tony Savant

Discussions, decisions and follow up actions on the items discussed were as follows:

Old and carry-over business: 

Approval of the last Board Meeting: Minutes
of the Jan 11, 2016 were approved as presented.

New Member/Assistance to the Board: Tony Savant, who will take over for Bill Landrum as Website Master, was welcomed by the Board.

Board Dealing Machine: Purchasing a dealing machine with Deal Master software enabling laptop/PC connectivity via USB stick was discussed. Question raised regarding charging the Game Directors for use of the Dealing Machine. Board decided to form a 4-member team to review and decide on purchase. S. Miller agreed to pole SOMBA Game Directors.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance sheet and P&L statement by J. Hasenjager were accepted as presented. Revenue from Bridgemates rental is approx. $11,000. It was proposed that we purchase one more set of Bridgemates at a cost of $7400. Board to decide at the next meeting.

Springtacular (April 2017) Sectional tournaments for 1-300 MPs have been very successful. Special stratification for 20 & under MP was proposed for next Sringtacular, which might require sanction from ACBL. Xxxx to investigate. 

Future Springtacular & Spooktacular: Great success of these two tournaments (exceeding the capacity) and the impact of the Church re-construction extending beyond October, requires all to think about alternate sites. Tournament Chair person should investigate alternate sites.

Proposed Merger of SOMBA and MBA: 
• Subhash presented the draft Road Map for merger of the two bridge Association and updated the Board members regarding Executive Committee’s comments/suggestions. Contents of the proposal are:
• Joint association to start with total $80,000 funds, $40,000 from each association.
• Joint association will have all 10 tournaments.
• MBA has two paid positions (non-Board members) and SOMBA has none New joint association will have no paid positions.
• Timing – Discuss the proposal with Board members and consider announcing the merger to SOMBA members via flier, announcement at June 2016 joint Sectional. 

This item was discussed at length raising many questions and reservations for merger. Specifically, members wanted to know: 
• Plan for disposition of the excess SOMBA funds (approx. $80,000).
• Legality of disposition of above mentioned funds.
• Written Assurance that ACBL will grant 10 tournament? 
• Process of merger approved by ACBL?
• Advantages and disadvantages of merger?

It was decided that this merger proposal should be discussed at length at a special meeting of the Board after the Regional. Members were requested to e-mail their pros-cons to the Secretary. Meeting tentatively scheduled for Wed June 25th. Dave F to announce meeting time/place. (Since been confirmed at 3 pm Wed May 25th, at BUC Board Room). (Since this meeting, Dave has also advised the Board that merger will require petitions from members of both associations) 

New Business:
1. Election Nominations: Subhash informed Board about the list of Board members due for re-election. Dave will poll current members and make a list of those who want to continue to run for the election. Dave will solicit new members to run for the open spots.
2. Vickie Valone was unanimously approved as the 2015 Goodwill Person of the Year, to be awarded at the upcoming Regional. 
3. Donation of $250 was approved for “The Longest Day” event.
4. Wine & Shine (bidding box clean up) event scheduled on June 3rd. Board to consider buying playing cards for the Directors. 

Committee Reports:
1. Public Relations: (L Briscoe) Ongoing efforts to promote bridge thru Macomb county newspapers and thru School boards continues. Fliers for ‘Learn Bridge in five hours’ distributed. 
2. ACBL Relations/Communications: (Bill Goodman): Sanctions to host 6 tournaments in 2017 obtained. Schedule handed out to the Board members.
3. Website (W Landrum): Tony Savant taking over the responsibility. 
4. Clubs: (S Miller) All clubs have made arrangements to host their games to alternate sites during church Re-construction. Dave to poll Club Directors regarding use of Dealing Machine, if purchased by SOMBA.
5. New Comers: (J Ruben) no report.
6. Membership: ( D Dighe) ‘Learn Bridge in Five Hours’ scheduled on Sunday June 5th, Volunteers needed as Mentors. D Dighe asked to schedule meeting of the committee to scheduling more ‘Bridge the Gap’ and ‘Mentor-Mentee” events. 
7. Hospitality (L Root): Regional preparation on schedule
8. Awards (L Vora): 40 winner’s trophies on hand, Dave has extras. Hand-out sticker selected. Suggestion made by Subhash to procure trophies at a lower cost.
9. Education (J Hall): Speakers selected for the Regional
10. Storage (N Kapila): Naresh and Dave need help to bring tournament material from the storage to the event. All asked to assist.

Next Board Meeting: 
Special Board Meeting on Wed June 25th to discuss SOMBA/MBA merger proposal. Full Board meeting to be scheduled later.