You are at the web site of the Southern Michigan Bridge Association (SOMBA), Unit 203 of the American Contract Bridge League.  SOMBA along with MBA supervises and works to promote bridge in southeastern Michigan.  SOMBA hosts several tournaments each year, including the Valentine Sectional in February, the Wolverine Regional in May, the Apple Cider Sectional in November and the Spooktacular 0-299 Sectional in October.  Please visit this site often to keep you informed of current events and milestones in the area along with articles on bridge bidding and play.  This web site also gives you information on all SOMBA clubs, games and results.   In conjunction with The Michigan Bridge Association (Unit 137) you can look up member information using the Directory above.

SOMBA Wolverine Regional
May 14th to 20th
Costick Center
 Farmington Hills, MI

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Joint MBA/SOMBA Sectional
June 21st to 24th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Russell Roosen Sectional
August 23rd to 26th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Motor City Regional
October 8th to 14th
Costick Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Keeping You Informed

Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

April May
John Barrett Scott Crompton
Maurice Brackenbury David Goldberg
John Caldwell
Mark Chmielewski
Elizabeth Elie
Catherine Gay
Jeffrey Getchell
Eric Hanson
James Howell
Mary Schelske
Robert Smith

Masterpoint Achievements

April Achievements May Achievements
Junior Master Sue Bosart Junior Master Stuart Bordman
Junior Master Kathy Landschulz Junior Master Joslin Crowe
Junior Master Alonzo McDonald Junior Master John Dueweke
Junior Master Karen Pollak Junior Master David Mitchell
Junior Master Ann Wood Club Master Peter Hellekjaer
Club Master Ann Dixon Club Master Chun Zhou
Club Master Therese Martin Sectional Master David Cook
Sectional Master Irma Glaser Sectional Master Cathy Weissenborn
Sectional Master Alan Hassoun Refional Master Margaret Brown
Regional Master Teryl Asher Regional Master Diane Murphy
Regional Master Chris Hill NABC Master Song Lin
Regional Master Ann Margosian Life Master Ken Holtzman
Regional Master Anita Smokevitch Life Master Lynn Martin
Regional Master Xiaoping Wu Silver Life Master George Christian
Regional Master Xiaoxin Susa Xu Ruby Life Master Hal Langolf
NABC Master Zoe Alpern
NABC Master Samir Zeine
Bronze Life Master Lori Strager
Ruby Life Master Satish Shah
Gold Life Master Ginny Poulter
Sapphire Life Master Dolores Bright

SOMBA Winners @ Gatlinburg (4/18)

Fred Batten Jonathan Fleischmann
Vishwas Gadgil Naresh Kapila
Larry Lewis Owen Lien
Curtis Mann Karen Mann
Dick Peacock Lucy Peacock
Lynn Root Peter Root
Penelope Rudolph Lakshmi Vora


Congrats to the 2017 Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney Winners

       Ace of Clubs    Mini-McKenney
0 - 5            Alan Hassoun    Alan Hassoun
5 - 20          Maurine Sillman    Maurine Sillman
20 - 50        Sandra Wolfe    Sandra Wolfe
50 - 100      Song Lin   Mary Jo Campbell
100 - 200    John Grant            Tony Willemsen
200 - 300    Norman Wechsler Lisa Karam
300 - 500    Anita Green           Lori Strager
500 - 1000  Larry Cohen          Kenneth Geisler
1000 - 1500Charles Schiff       Charles Schiff
1500 - 2500Robert MandelsonRobert Mandelson
2500 - 3500Robert RafRobert Raf
3500 - 5000Georgene Cronin  Georgene Cronin
5000 - 7500           Debra Evaes         Jerry Grossman
7500 - 10,000        Jack Shartsis        Jack Shartsis
Over 10,000          Michael Crane     Michael Crane

SOMBA Membership Meeting

At the Regional, Saturday May 19th, a brief SOMBA membership meeting was held. The following items were discussed and approved by a majority vote. (5/19)

By-Law Change Proposals

Article IV

2. The Unit Board of Directors shall fix the time and place of the annual meeting and shall give appropriate notice by mail of such meeting.

Article VII

6. Any vacancy on the Board of Directors that occurs between elections shall be filled by the next highest vote getter in the last election and the person so appointed shall be deemed a full voting member of the board and shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term. If such a candidate is not available, the Board of Directors shall appoint a director to fill the remainder of the term

Article VIII

3-h (NEW) All votes including officer elections require directors to be present. However, it is permissible for directors to participate in board meetings via phone conference call.   They will be allowed to verbally vote given they have been online for the entire discussion of the topic being voted on.   No proxy votes are permitted.   Any member may request a closed ballot rather than a show of hands.

(NEW) The president may call for an email vote on topics needing decisions between formal meetings.   All directors must be contacted and all input shared.   If any member prefers that the vote be conducted at a formal meeting, the president is allowed to make the decision to call a special meeting (because he/she believes there may be merit to face to face discussion) or to accept the majority board (8) email vote result.

SOMBA Bridge the GAP "Winners" (5/9)

NS Winners:
1/2 Todd Wilkinson 63.33%
      Paul Colbrooke 63.33%
3)   Beena and Vipul Kinariwala 59.17%

EW Winners:
1/2  Glenda Meads 60.83%
      Ann Sachiko, 60.83%

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